Oxidised Jhumkas: Shop Online Silver Gold Oxidised Jhumka Earrings Latest Design for Girls and Women

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Oxidised Jhumkas

Oxidised Jhumkas: Buy Online Silver Gold Oxidised Jhumka Earrings Latest Design

Oxidised Jhumkas are in fashion for a long time. They are also known as the “jhumki“, these are typically bell-shaped earrings that include decorative hanging elements. They are adored by women due to the distinctive jingles of the hanging pieces which make them look elegant. It is a classic piece of jewellery that has been around from the beginning and has been able to travel between the East and the West through the centuries. Women from villages wear jhumkis in a daily routine. They are also used by Bharatnatyam dancers as the jewellery is a crucial part of the dance group.

Types of JHUMKAS: Latest Gold, Silver, Big, and Large, Earrings Design to Buy Online in India 2022

If you are looking to purchase Jhumkas on the internet, look through the exclusive selection of earrings available on GurlyPick. We offer the latest designs of Jhumkas that can make you look traditional and fashionable. Each region in India has a distinctive Jhumka style. There are silver as well as gold, oxidized and pearl Jhumka earrings. They may also be adorned with beads of semi-precious gemstones, or the gold tassels that hang.

Jhumkis are available in contemporary and traditional patterns on GurlyPick. The most popular are the gold-coloured ones that are often adorned with white pearls and green or red stones. Modern designs Jhumkas include beads and stones that are multi-coloured. You can choose necklaces with bells that are smaller or larger bells, depending on the occasion you’d like to show them off.

Fashion Tips For Dressing Jhumkas: Style yourself with New and Latest Design of Oxidised Jhumka Earrings

In contrast to the past, modern women do not want to dress their bodies with jewellery from head to the toe. They prefer to select only one piece of jewellery to create a stylish statement. There are a few fashion tips to help you look trendy while wearing Oxidised jhumkas.

  1. It is possible to use long silver jhumkas for gatherings and parties. They can be worn with an elegant saree or salwar suit. It is also possible to purchase sterling silver necklaces through GurlyPick to wear with your Jhumkis.
  2. Hoop oxidised jhumkas are in fashion these times. They feature a traditional hoop as well as a smaller sparkling Jhumka. It is possible to wear these gorgeous danglers with jeans or Kurtis. If you’re wearing ankle-length jeans, consider adding an anklet to match these danglers.
  3. It is possible to wear stunning Gold Oxidised jhumkas paired with an embroidered dress at the wedding of your sibling. To highlight your jhumkis, try not to wear heavy jewellery or bangles. These are among the oldest earrings.
  4. If you’re looking for modern designs and colours, you can put on coloured jhumkas with kurtas or salwar suits. They are constructed with semi-precious stones that are available for sale at a low cost. Wear gemstone-studded rings around your wrists to look beautiful.
  5. Half-jhumkas are adored by a lot of women. It is because of their modern appearance. If you don’t like wearing heavy earrings, go for these lighter-weighted earrings. They are great to wear with chiffon or georgette sarees to create a chic style.

Accessories can add a touch of elegance to your attire. A gorgeous piece of jewellery can make an ordinary saree appear elegant. What do you have to be waiting for? Join GurlyPick now and grab some Oxidised Jhumkas Earrings to look trendy for all occasions.

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