Best Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed Online India

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Mosquito bites could be dangerous for everyone, therefor we all should have a net for the safeguards. Let’s find out together the best Foldable mosquito net for double bed online in India.

Foldable mosquito net for double bed online

India’s Top 4 Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed Online

We all know that even one mosquito bite can pose a risk to our health and could cause many diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and others. It is important to keep these annoying insects away from us. There are many options for mosquito repellants such as liquid vaporizers and mosquito nets. Moisturizer nets, which can be used while you sleep, are the safest and most convenient. For long, mosquito nets have been used to protect us from being bitten by mosquitoes when we sleep. Traditional mosquito nets were tied to nails or other support to attach to walls. Nowadays, you can find a mosquito net with an integrated support system. The springs will open when you place them where it is needed. To help you find the best mosquito nets, here’s a list.

Top 4 Mosquito Nets In India

Most mosquito nets are made from cotton, nylon, polyethene or polyester as a mesh with steel wiring supporting it. These nets can be used on sleeping bags and beds. These nets are very effective in keeping mosquitoes away from you and your family. There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to the design, size, and colour of mosquito nets.

These are the 4 best mosquito nets available in India.

1. Classic Mosquito Net – Best folding mosquito net for bed

Classic Mosquito Net

Easy to install and pop-ups instantly and automatically, generous size, fit any bed size ranging from a king size, super king size ,queen size bed and single bed.

47652 Ratings

The classic mosquito nets are made of self-supporting, anti-corrosion-coated steel frames and 30 GSM nets. The mesh has small holes that keep insects away but allows for ventilation. The net is easily popped open to cover a bed or sleeping bag. It can be folded in just 30 seconds. For better protection, the net can be hidden inside the mattresses. You will also find a storage bag for the Classic mosquito net to store it in after it has been folded up and carried around. You can choose from a variety of colours and sizes, including Queen, King, and Single bed sizes.

2. Good knight Mosquito Net – folding mosquito net for double bed

Good Knight Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net for Double Bed – King-Size 200cm x 200cm x 140cm (Size of Mattress: 6.5Ft X 6.5Ft). Strong, 50 deniers, 30GSM, High Durability, Foldable, Corrosion Resistant, Lightweight - Red, tightly woven, see-through polyester net. Long-lasting superior quality zippers. 

8191 Ratings

The Good Knight mosquito nets are available in three sizes, i.e. King, Quen and one bed. The net is strong and 50-denier, 30GSM tightly weaved and has a transparent polyester net. The frame is made of self-supporting high-strength spring steel. Two entry points are provided with high-quality zippers that are double-stitched liners. Additional pockets are provided to store mobiles and glasses, as well as a zipper to charging cables. To seal the mattress completely, it has additional fabric that can be wrapped underneath.

3. Comfort Mosquito Net– Top Double Bed Folding Machardani

Comfort Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net is made of Industry standard, high-quality superior Poly-cotton fabric. Ensuring good air circulation and no heat or suffocation. Frame made of 4 mm Bright Steel Rod and each rod is encased with PVC Sleeve

1582 Ratings

Comfort Mosquito Net comes in three sizes: King, Queen, or Single. When you place the nets on the bed, or anywhere else you choose, they instantly pop open. The net folds in 30 seconds and can be folded in just a few steps. It is tightly woven to prevent insects from entering the net and allows for proper ventilation. By default our Mosquito net Frame size will be 1 inch less in width and length than your actual mattress size. The design of our mosquito net is, it should be kept on over the mattress and pulled over.

4. Hopz Double Bed Foldable Mosquito net

Hopz Mosquito Net

Made from premium quality nylon material, the mosquito nets are easy to use, clean and portable. These nets are sized to fit an adult bed if your baby sleeps with you. Provided with large zipper gates on two sides for easy and convenient entry and exit.

3177 Ratings

Hopz mosquito net is a high-quality, foldable net available in a variety of sizes and colours. The net is washable because it is made from tightly woven 30 GSM polyester and the frame is anti-corrosion PVC coated. Double-stitched zipper lines are used at the entry points. The bag comes with pockets to store small items such as glasses, mobile phones, chargers and spectacles. The product comes with a storage bag.


There are many mosquito nets on the market today, but it is important to choose the best. Above is the list of the best mosquito nets in India. Important note: Most brands offer a variety of sizes and colours for their mosquito nets.

Don’t be confused by multiple names for the same product when choosing the right one. Choose the one that suits your style and size requirements. You can choose the size of mosquito net that you like by considering how many people can fit inside it. The King size can be used by two adults and one child. However, the Queen size is only suitable for two adults. The single-bed mosquito net is best for one person, as the name implies.

The Classic Mosquito Net is simple to install and pops up automatically. The net is large enough to fit most bed sizes, including king, queen, super king, and single beds. Large zippers allow for easy entry and exit. The net is made of soft fabric with tiny holes that keep mosquitoes out, but other insects out. It also allows for a breeze of air to provide a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

You can also choose alternate of mosquito net is mosquito bats. We have latest list of best electric mosquito bats to protect your family from these pests. You can browse the products given in the list above and choose the one that suits your needs. This will ensure you and your family are protected from mosquitoes.

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