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Anklets for women

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Anklets for women: The anklets can prove to be a difficult area to style. It’s difficult to find the right design of anklets that fits your legs. Anklets are among the more well-known jewellery accessories. They’re the perfect way to keep your ankles and feet cool, and also provide a stylish style. Anklets come in a variety of styles, colours and shapes which is why it can be difficult to locate the right anklet to fit your needs. With this article, you’ll be able to understand the different types of anklets available, what to be looking for in an anklet while shopping, and also how you can wear them. Find out how to find the ideal anklet that is perfect for you!

Category: Women’s Anklets

  • Metal Anklets These are becoming more popular with young girls as well as women who work. The style is not too flashy, but subtle enough to enhance the look of your feet, these metal anklets don’t have any accessories and can be an anklet in any metallic shade starting from yellow gold, rose gold, to an oxidized silver. They’re typically comprised of a thin chain that can be worn with western outfits without drawing attention to them.
  • Beaded Anklets These ankle bracelets with beaded beads are usually worn by women wearing western clothes and are usually worn in one shoe. Beaded anklets with colourful beads and different designs and shapes are a great match to the colour of the gown.
  • Bridal Anklets Bridal Anklets Also called Jhaanjhar due to their elaborate style, bridal anklets are generally heavy and come with gorgeous inlays made of Kundan, Polki or diamonds. A lot of brides are choosing an anklet made of rose gold, as opposed to the silver-based ones that are traditional. Small bells or ghungroos can be an element of the anklets as are exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Gold Anklets Anklets made of gold are popular, just like silver anklets that were the only option women wore. Gold anklets look fantastic with traditional Indian outfits such as dresses, sarees and lehengas and salwar suits easily. If you’re wearing polkis, Kundan jewellery or diamond jewellery for any occasion you are now able to wear your anklets in conjunction with your other jewellery.
  • Ajmeri Payal Designs – These payals are typically found on dancers’ feet as they dance traditional dances, such as Kuchipudi and Garba. They’re quite broad and feature a variety of tiny bells that emit an eerie Jingle.
  • the Kada Anklet – Made from silver, this anklet style was once confined to the jewellery box of women in rural areas but is quickly gaining its way into every fashion scene. The shape is circular like a strong Kada, these anklets are made of silver and gold and are simple anklets.
  • Silver anklets made of sterling silver The most adored sterling silver anklets have become well-known since the anklets became popular. Meenakari works with enamelwork, coloured zircon chains, ghunghroos, and even charms. You can name it and you’ll find all of it in your sterling anklets.

Find the Right Anklets for women and girls

What are the best ways to find the ideal anklet for your needs? The first thing to take is to make an outline of what you would like your anklet to appear like, which includes size, colour, shape and the materials are it made of (gold or silver? ) and whether it’s either short or long. After that, it’s simpler to locate the ideal anklet! Start searching for them in shops once you’ve decided what you’d like your anklets to appear like. You could also look at GurlyPick. for anklets on the internet at any time, and GurlyPick is a more reliable online retailer for all kinds of jewellery.

Anklets Wearing Tips

Anklets look stunning when worn with sandals or without Make sure to choose an anklet that’s not overly tight. Simply slide your foot over the anklet’s straps and then pull it to your ankle. If you are wearing an anklet in footwear it is possible to adjust the straps of the anklet to ensure that they don’t slide off as you walk. For everyday wear or wearing with a western outfit Keep the design of the anklet basic so that it will not rattle around too much. It is possible to opt for the shell, string chains or shell anklets.

At GurlyPick there is an extensive selection of these designer anklets that be perfect with the colour of your dress and embroidery on the dress.

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