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Latest Anklet Design

This summer, add some style to your jewellery box with the Latest anklet designs. You can rock a hippie-chic look by wearing a popular Charms Anklet or a sparkling necklace with a black party gown to attract attention on the dance floor.

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An anklet, also known as an ankle bracelet or ankle chain, is a string that women and girls wrap around their ankles. Anklets can be made from a variety of materials, including shells, beads and nylon, plastic, leather, silver and gold and these can of different designs and patterns. For married women, formal anklets (silver anklets and gold anklets), are preferred. Anklets are fashionable pieces of jewellery that can be worn as an accessory. These pieces of jewellery were worn by Indian women, as India was the first country to place such importance on them. An anklet is an ornament with high social and spiritual importance in Indian culture. Anklets are also known as Payal, which women wear every day after getting married.

Latest Gold, Silver, Fancy Anklet Designs to Buy Online in India 2021

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 10

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 7

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 8

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 12

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 9

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Fancy and Stylish Anklet for Women – Design 11

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Anklets’ History:

Since ancient times, Indians have worn anklets with toe rings. Anklets are a pre-historic trend that was first noticed in Mesopotamia’s civilization. For centuries, anklets were mainly found in Indian, Egyptian, and Arab cultures. To show off their wealth and status, women of the most powerful classes of society wore silver and gold anklets. Women wore many latest anklet designs in those days to signal their presence, particularly in Arab countries. This ornament was later worn by American women as a fashion statement. Anklets were the simpler, lighter and smaller anklet pieces that could not be used to display wealth. 

It was however used to express many things in ancient times. The anklet has seen many changes in its appearance, including a new look, form, styles and designs. As it travelled through many civilizations and countries, Anklets’ designs changed. It was worn to indicate the marital status of a woman, and it was compulsory to wear at all costs due to its cultural and regional influences. Thankfully, this tradition has been largely lost due to modesty. It was a popular ornament during this period, as countries such as Europe, the U.K and the U.S made it more modern and sleeker.

In today’s modern world, women and girls prefer to wear silver anklets as well as gold anklets designs to emphasize their outfits, particularly in Western and Indian cultures. Women now wear anklets not only for special occasions, but to complete their ethnic wear, such as a Kurti and Saree. Both silver and gold anklets are very popular with women to make them stand out at special events. Anklets are a versatile accessory that can be worn every day.

What do women wear anklets and how to choose the right piece?

Anklets in gold are a great way to enhance the beauty of women. Anklets make a beautiful sound, which makes it a popular choice for girls to wear different and latest anklet designs. People from different cultures can live together in India, a traditional country. Because of the sound of anklets, women make men more respectful of her and will not tolerate any misbehaviour. The sound of anklets also helps to remove negative energy from the environment, mind, and soul. Wearing gold and sterling anklets is also beneficial for women. This is because metal anklets rub against your bones, making them stronger. 

You will find many different designs of anklets in the market. The best anklets will suit your outfit perfectly. Wearing western clothing and tight anklets that are not too high above your ankle bone is a good idea. You should cover your ankles with traditional clothing. You should also consider footwear style when choosing the anklets. A silver-coloured anklet design is recommended for the bride on the day of her wedding.

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GurlyPick has a beautiful collection of anklets in gold and silver and other metallic for women who prefer to wear them. You will find trendy anklets that appeal to girls and women of all ages at GurlyPick. GurlyPick is one of the most prominent fashion jewellery retailers in India. We provide high-quality bridal anklets and anklets for girls as well as silver for bride anklets designs, gold anklets and any other accessories you may need. You can find the latest styles and designs of anklets at wholesale prices or at a very affordable price. Its price is much lower for shopping online for silver and gold plated anklets. When you shop for anklets online, it offers a variety of designs. 

The gold plated or sterling anklets you have ordered online can be returned, if you aren’t satisfied or there is a manufacturing defect. Online shopping for silver or gold anklets is free of any additional charges. We also offer the option to order anklets online during peak seasons (festivals such as Holi and Diwali, sales or discount sessions, etc.). You can find out more.

You only need to visit our website to read the reviews and articles that customers have written about our products. Our customers love us because of our high quality and the latest fashion. They come back to us for their silver and gold anklets online shopping every time. We welcome every customer with the latest anklet styles, unusual anklets and new designs.

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