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Earrings Online below 50..? Yes, You read it right, at GurlyPick you will find expensive-looking earrings online below 50 or 100 Rupees. If you’re in search of something to add to your outfit, earrings are your first option. In reality, you’ll have a lot of gorgeous dresses in your collection, but each dress isn’t complete without earrings.

It could be a wedding celebration or other celebration or your everyday work attire earrings are indispensable. They are distinctive accessories that can completely transform your appearance.

You could even change your work attire with only a pair of sparkling earrings- isn’t amazing? No matter what age, culture or fashion earrings are the ultimate accessory for women of all ages.

The festival and celebrations- our work is a day-to-day event for us to prepare each morning. Same place, same job and the same formal wear can be boring, isn’t that? Create a collection of office attire that is attractive by combining simple, elegant and lightweight earrings from GurlyPick.

Also, update your look with a new collection to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Let’s explore our most affordable Earrings Online below ₹50 that you can wear to work.

Stud Earrings online below 50:

If you’re a jewellery person or not – Stud earrings are sure to be in your jewellery collection. An earring with studs that are versatile can be worn with the right dress for a party and also for work clothes as well.

The earrings have designs that are highly coveted, particularly for their simple design and ease of use. For those who struggle to accessorize with large and bulky jewellery, studs earrings that fit are perfect.

From the most popular collection of GurlyPick, the Flower CZ Antique Earrings are the perfect choice for everyday workwear. Made from high-end CZ stone and timeless flower designs, this earring is a great choice for everyday wear.

Additionally, it features the rare and wonderful balanced illustration of white and antique gold polish. This is worn with subtle and embellished outfits.

Pendant Drop Earrings:

Pendant earrings are dangling from the base of the stud. The dangling piece appears like the shape of a pendant. If you like dressing basic, but you want to make an eye-catching look that stands from the crowd This is the style you’re searching for.

These earrings are more elegant than the studs, but they are more light and simpler side. They are perfect for wear every day and for workwear.

These statement Earrings are among the top designs of high-end pendant earrings. They are made by the finest craftsmen of Gurlyick the earring style has been inspired by ballet posture.

This is an incredibly designed Earring that is precisely cut from metals, bright-hued, enamel and a delicate polish making this a perfect earring to wear with your normal Avtar.

Jhumki Earrings online below 50:

One of the most timeless designs, Jhumki’s are always in fashion Indian earrings style. It could be for a special occasion or for a specific work occasion Jhumki earrings always make your look stylish and unique.

If you are wearing the traditional formals of your ethnic culture then this style is specifically designed specifically for you. Outside of work, you can wear this to any home party or informal get-together.

GurlyPick Introduces Kundan Jhumka Earrings from the elegant Kundan collection. The gorgeous tiny Kundan gemstone studded Jhumki always impresses. The earrings are floral-themed Jhumka earrings that draw attention by their elegant and chic appearance.

The stunning Kundan stones are precisely cut in an 18k white gold base. The pearl drop that hangs from the middle of Jhumka rounded out the front, giving the appearance of a bright and festive splash.

Dangle Earrings:

Make sure you celebrate your achievements by wearing this stunning earring to create a more stylish memory. Danglers or Dangle earrings are similar to drop earrings. It also features the stud which stays in the ear and the dangler-styled part.

The difference is that they’re more flexible than drop earrings. These are the kind of earrings that appeal to fashion-conscious people. As elegant earrings, they will offer you the opportunity to play around with your style.

A product of the Indian jewellery retailer GurlyPick The Nakshatra CZ Earrings is the finest example of contemporary Dangle earrings.

The delicate design features the finest quality sparkling CZ stones arranged across the earring. The unique drop-shaped swirl design on the top and the bottom creates a beautiful appearance.

Vintage Inspired Earrings:

The relationship between silver-toned jewellery and a more formal style is constant. The vintage-inspired silver jewellery is a hot trend for the fashionable, modern woman. If you’re an Indo-western fusion fan This style piece is the perfect one for you.

No matter if you’re sporting formal attire or casual clothes, antique silver jewellery will complement the fashion that you wear with your Indian earrings.

From the home of GurlyPick, The Antique Silver Earrings are gorgeous and simple. Gorgeous ruby red stones with a delicate and luminous antique silver make these earrings stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, the shape of the earrings is distinctive and can be worn with the denim look as well as your ethnic style.

Chandelier Earrings online below 50:

Chandelier earrings are a contemporary kind of dangler earrings that feature a chandelier-shaped dangle on the lower part. They are elegantly made earrings that are perfect for special occasions. Your appearance will be remembered to impress your colleagues or event by presenting your style.

In addition to office attire, it’s great for celebrations and parties as well.

Do you like wearing minimal accessories but want to appear unique? Then these earrings are your perfect match. Indian Jewelry shop GurlyPick offers these Surya Nakshatra CZ Earrings designed in the style of solar beams.

Quality Kempu gemstones, as well as CZ stones, are set into this earring with precision giving this earring a blend of glam and matte look.

It’s not the only thing. We’ve got more original designs within our collection, and we are incorporating the latest trends into it. Keep coming back to refresh your wardrobe with GurlyPick.

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