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A Mangalsutra is also known as a Maitraksh necklace is an ornament that is worn in marriage by Hindu women. The term “Mangalsutra” comes from Sanskrit: “Mangala” meaning auspicious and “sutra” meaning thread or necklace. The Mangalsutra differs in design and appearance. Mangalsutra is a mixture of black and gold beads as well as the gold pendant is encased in the chain. When a woman gets engaged, her husband will tie the jewellery to her neck. This symbolizes their unbreakable bond and signifies the fact that she’s now married. The tradition was first introduced within South India and later adopted by other regions of the nation. Every state of India has distinct styles of Mangalsutra that give women a variety to pick from.

The most popular types of Mangalsutra patterns are Jada, Jari, Chooda and Pahadi. This is how you wear these:

  • Jada The Mangalsutra pattern is made up of just one piece that is worn in the back, near the neckline, as an ornament. It can be worn with hair tied in a ponytail or bun.
  • Jari This Mangalsutra jari style has two strings that connect with either the other side, with an ornamental pendant between them.
  • Chooda Choodas are an example of the Latest Mangalsutra Design that have both ends sporting an attached string however, they don’t cross each other in any way and are worn as one.
  • Pahadi Pahadi Mangalsutra is made up of two strands of hair that are wrapped around the neck and then crossed over on the front. They are adorned with an enormous pendant to add decoration. The strands must be long enough to ensure that the pendant can be hung close to the chest, and is visible from behind, not being covered by hair or clothing.

Every state in India is unique and has its unique style of Mangalsutra and has different names. Here are some examples:

  • Tamil Nadu – Taali Kodi: In Tamil the Tamil language, the thali is a reference to Mangalsutra. Kodi refers to thread. Today, people insist on the thread and utilize the gold chain. Taali Kodi, a traditional design, comes with an untied yellow thread within the golden god symbol.
  • Kerala Minnu: Kerala Minnu Mangal sutra is an emblem of purity and chastity. Mangalsutras are referred to as “Thaali” by the Hindus in Kerala and “Minnu” by the Christians. A Minnu is a must for any Christian bride. A Minnu is a necklace that has a cross on it and a gold medallion that appears like an actual heart. Hearts are the symbol of love.
  • Telangana – Mangalasutrama or Pustelu: Two round-shaped coins or discs form the Telugu Mangal sutra. On each side, the Telugu Mangal sutra contains an individual disc or coin. They are tacked together using the thread of yellow. In the ceremony, the groom is expected to knot the gold disks each one with its own thread of yellow to his bride’s neck. The three knots made of Mangal sutra are knotted by the bride.
  • Maharashtra – Vati: The Maharashtrian Mangalsutra is popular for its mixture of gold and black beads strung in the form of a double line. Its central piece is composed of two gold vatis (cups). The vati symbol symbolizes Shiva or Shakti. Two strands of gold beads are bonded to symbolize the sacred union. The mangalsutra’s black beads are believed to guard against the evil eye and to bring joy to the marriage. Mangalsutra necklaces are worn by newlyweds for a period of one year in order to show the fact that they have been married for a year.
  • Bihar Taagpaag: Taagpaag: Bihar Taagpaag Mangalsutra design is a sacramental custom of wearing the Mangalsutra. It’s comprised of several complex pieces each of which has distinct significance in relation to the design. The beads on the mangalsutra comprise mainly 108 beads. They also have several other beads strung across the side too. There are various types of Taagpaags with different styles.
  • Kashmir – Dijhor or Dejhoor: A Mangal sutra is an ancient Indian necklace that is worn by married women. It is believed to represent love and protection as well as respect for the husband of the woman. It is traditionally made of black beads made of the seeds of a tree known as the rudraksha, or 9-10 beads made of gold.

Even though its design and name may differ for each state, its importance is the same.

Mangalsutra for 21st Century Women:

Women today are more focused on their work and are required to leave home. There is no doubt that we are all immersed in Western Culture and trying to alter our lives in line with it. So, Mangalsutra even in its part in women’s lives, isn’t a good fit for the current cultural requirements. It’s not appropriate for fashionable outfits, which makes it difficult to wear every day. In keeping with this jewellery designs have been released with new Mangalsutra designs that look much more contemporary and adaptable. They are now available in rings and bracelets. rings in a variety of forms. Additionally, silver and other more attractive alternatives are now available. It makes women appear modern and respect the fashions of the day. There are many different kinds of Latest Mangalsutra Design that are worn to symbolize various occasions. The kind of Mangal sutra to wear depends on the age of the wearer or marital status as well as the profession they work in. GurlyPick offers a vast selection of long and short Mangalsutra available to effortlessly purchase on the internet. We provide this jewellery at huge discounts as well as advantages like speedy delivery with easy returns and replacements and worldwide shipping and free delivery within India and much more. It is easy to browse through the available options by using filters which makes shopping easier.

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